MAPS to be stored ?

Dear All,

There has been some confusion where to send your maps to for
to clarify - if you would like your map(s) stored in the RIPE Map 
repository, please send your map to the RIPE NCC ncc@localhost with the 
accompanying information which will be put in the index:

name:       the filename of the map.
maintainer: the name and e-mail address of the maintainer of the map
descr:      a short description of the content of the map
descr-as:   the AS numbers that the map encompasses, both totally or in
source:     the original source of the file, where the map can also be
            retrieved, if available.

The filenames must follow the convention: cc-name-ty-yymmdd.ext

cc     - Two letters ISO country code, or, for large maps, geographical
          area covered.

name   - Short Name of the network

ty     - Type of map, could be: ge - geographical 
                                tp - network topological

yymmdd - Year, month, and day of creation.

ext    - Extension giving file type (encoding): ps - PostScript
	        				ps.Z - compressed PostScript