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Symposium on High Speed Networking for Research

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RARE (Reseaux Associes pour la Recherche Europeenne)

with the support of the CEC (Commission of the European Communities)

organizes the

third Symposium on High Speed Networking for Research in Europe

to take place for one day in Brussels, on February 2, 1994

This Symposium follows on the successful preceding High Speed
Symposia organized in 1989 and 1991.

The 1994 event will specifically address the international situation,
in Europe en indeed worldwide, for data rates of 34 Mbps and above.

Participation is invited and contributions are sought from all
interested parties: users, suppliers, operators, political bodies.

Possible topics for paper submission include but are not limited to
the following:
* scientific and industrial user needs;
* existing and planned 34 Mbps or higher speed telecommunication
infrastructure and networking activities, both from the suppliers' and
the network operators' points of view;
* potential usage of high speed networking by the industry at large;
* necessary actions, strategies, policies; economical constraints and
possible impact.

Contributions (full papers or extended summaries) should be sent to
the High Speed Symposium Secretariat before November 21, 1993.  All
contributions will be reviewed by the Programme Committee and some
contributions will be selected for oral presentation and/or
publication in the Proceedings.  The Proceedings will be published in
'Computer Networks for Research in Europe'.

Participation is free of charge; attendance may be limited to about
200 persons. Registration forms can be obtained from the Symposium
Secretariat at the addresses given below.

To be added to the conference e-mail distribution list send a message
Internet: high-speed-request@localhost
X.400:    C-nl;ADMD=400net;PRMD=surf;O=rare;S=high-speed-request

For further information and paper submission:

High Speed Symposium Secretariat
c/o RARE Secretariat
Singel 466-468
NL 1017 AW Amsterdam

tel.      +31 20 639 1131
fax.      +31 20 639 3289
Internet: hssec@localhost
X.400:    C-nl;ADMD=400net;PRMD=surf;O=rare;S=hssec