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Re: RIPE DNS Hostcount July 1993

  • To: Joseph Michl michl@localhost
  • From: Christian Huitema <Christian.Huitema@localhost
  • Date: Thu, 05 Aug 93 11:18:47 +0200
  • Cc: ripe-list@localhost

=> So I think it is more right to say: because of this x.25 infrastructure there
=> are so many IP Hosts connected in germany, and not in spite of.

To be very clear, my opinion is "because there is an infrastructure, in spite
of this infrastructure being X.25".

=> Concerning "trouble enhancement layer":
=> There are problems with x.25, but they are resolvable. With every other 
=> protocol you have some problems. 

I think this is the beauty of having a user community. You end up caring for
your users, and there are many ways to find a solution. I have some serious
technical doubts re: continuing to use at high speed, but I trust you (i.e.
the German user community) to pick one of the easy alternatives. There are
plenty, e.g. the insertion of dedicated high speed IP links between the major
nodes or the gradual switch from X.25 to frame-relay...

Christian Huitema