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European Routing Changes

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  • Date: Mon, 05 Jul 1993 18:00:23 +0200
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The NCC has recently learned about a number of European routing 
changes implemented around July 1st. An incomplete list of these
is (in no particular order)

      -	termination of the EASIGATE T1 link CERN-Cornell 
        and re-homing of the link to Washington DC as an
	EBONE link

      -	US connectivity from GARR/INFN to the US moved from
        the CERN US link to a link between Italy and ESnet in
	the US

      - intra-European connectivity to/from GARR/INFN moved to ?

      -	several bi-lateral agreements to exchange traffic via

      - starting gateway traffic between EuropaNet and EBONE

Since then the NCC has had a number of enquieries about observed routing 
instabilities. Partly these were due to link failures complicating the 
situation. The upshot of all this is that the European routing situation 
has changed quite a bit and you should expect instabilities and unusual 
routes. If you experience reachability problems or poor performance you
should contact your service provider.


Daniel Karrenberg
RIPE NCC Manager