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Amsterdam IETF Social event announcement

  • To: wg-all@localhost, ripe-list@localhost
  • From: Erik Huizer <Erik.Huizer@localhost
  • Date: Mon, 24 May 93 23:14:19 +0200
  • Address: Cluetinckborch, P.O. Box 19035, 3501 DA Utrecht, NL
  • Organisation: SURFnet bv
  • Phone: +31 30 310290
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                "Training through The Netherlands"
                         12 juli 1993

This is to announce the Amsterdam IETF Social event. IETF
participants, their partners and their children are welcome. Note that
participation is limited to 150 people, so register fast for this
social and do it to the correct mailaddress: train@localhost any mail
on this subject to any other mailbox will be ignored! Registrations
should state Name, amount of people and if (any) vegetarian(s).

There are three forms of transport that are characteristic for The
- Boats; We have a long history as a sailing nation.
- Bicycles; lots and lots of them.
- Trains. One of the best countrywide infrastructures in the world,
  and it can barely cope.

Of these the first is already often used for IETF social events, and is
as such not very original. The second does not fit well with food,
drinks and groupconversation, so we decided on the third.

The Event
On monday night 12 July 1993, at 17:55 (that's 5:55 pm local time) a
train especially reserved for this event will depart from RAI station
for a trip around The Netherlands. Those who will be aboard will have a
chance to see most of The Netherlands due to the fact that The
Netherlands is relatively small, and the fact that in July, the sun
does not disappear until 23:00 (11:00 pm). 

The train will take the following route (static routing) through The
Amsterdam RAI-Weesp 
   along the outskirts of Amsterdam, with some 
   views of the IJsselmeer
   along the beautifull village of Naarden (famous for
   it's old fort), the Gooise nature reserve and 
   through the Gooise forrest.
   On to the Veluwe, forrests, moors and sanddunes
   Crossing the IJssel, one of the famous rivers
   Along the IJssel valley, typical Dutch picturesque views
   Farmers country and so flat!
   Southern villages
   The biggest port in the World. Some of it's most impressive
   architecture right alongside the tracks.
Rotterdam-The Hague 
   Seat of the Dutch Government, passes through Delft
   perhaps the most beautifull city in The Netherlands
The Hague-Schiphol  
   along the Tulip fields, alas they blossom in May
Schiphol- Amsterdam RAI 
   arrival at around 23:00 (11:00 pm).

Food and Drinks
Unfortunately, due to the holiday season we do not have the
availabillity over enough Dining cars to serve warm food at tables. 
Therefore assorted food will be served on special plates. The view
will certainly make up for the possible loss of quality in the food,
and otherwise the drinks will. To make sure that drinking arrangements
are optimal two Bar coaches will be available.

This is a Dutch treat :-)
Participation costs are 65 Dutch guilders per person (that is $ 35 at
the current rate). This includes the traintrip, the food AND all the
drinks. The 65 guilders are to be payed in cash (only!) at the Sunday
Night IETF reception on the 11th of July, or the next morning before
noon. After 12 July noon people on the Waiting list will be allowed
to fill in the remaining places. Payment can be made at a special desk
right beside the IETF registration Desk.  

Registration for the Social event 
There are only 150 places available for IETF participants and their
partners. The first 150 requests to arrive at the mailbox
train@localhost will be awarded. All subsequent requests will be put
on a waiting list.  To register send mail to train@localhost stating
your name, the amount of people (max 4) and whether any vegetarian
food is required.  Registration does mean a commitment to pay the 65
guilders per person! Once the limit of 150 participants is reached a
list of people registered for the social event will be send out to

Of course a train rental is much more expensive than 65 guilders per
person. The following sponsors have contributed to make it possible

SURFnet bv

Erik Huizer
SURFnet bv