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Audiocast of the 15th RIPE Meeting

  • To: ripe-list@localhost
  • From: Daniel Karrenberg <Daniel.Karrenberg@localhost
  • Date: Fri, 16 Apr 93 13:38:51 +0200
  • Cc: mbone-eu@localhost

For the upcoming RIPE meeting we plan an audiocast again. 
This time this will be slightly more reliable than the last attempts!

We have had time to prepare the proper equiment on site so
that the analog audio feed will be of high quality.  In fact we have
just rigged the PA in the meeting room, so we know it is going to work. 

Also the network Internet bandwidth available at the meeting site is
expected to be sufficient.  The SARA EBS and EUnet central nodes are
both in the same building.  We were very much tempted to try video as
well but there is not enough bandwidth for that. 

There will be one channel of GSM encoded audio only.  The session will
be advertised in sd as "15th RIPE Meeting Amsterdam".  If there is
anyone not able to use sd, please contact us. 

The approximate shedule is:

    April 27th 	1400 to 1800 	plenary
    April 28th	0900 to 1800    "biggest" working group session,
    				if the working group using the main
    				auditorium agrees.
    April 29th	0900 to 1600	plenary

The definite shedule will be posted as soon as it becomes more clear.

Times are Central European Time (UTC+2).  We do not plan time shift
reruns since we estimate this is interesting mainly to a European

Qestions from the net: We will not have audio piped into the room.
If you would like to ask a question or give us feedback please use
"talk(1)" to question@localhost.


We will be running tests during next week 19-25 April.  Fortunately
there is a HEP meeting shelduled in the same auditorium during this
week.  They have kindly agreed to be audiocast both as a test for the
upcoming RIPE meeting ad as a test within their own community.  The
meeting is called HEPMiX and is about HEP computing using Unix as well
as VM.  More information about that meeting can be found in  During Friday we will broadcast periodic test
announcements.  You should thus be able to test your connectivity the
whole week before the RIPE meeting. 

          Preliminary agenda for HEPiX and HEPVMx
                Amsterdam, 19/22 April 1993

                 Version of March 24, 1993

                            HEPiX               HEPVMx

  Monday      April 19   am   Site reports
                         pm   .Common Unix        TMS technical
                               Environment        meeting
                              .X11 packaging
                              .Keyboard mapping
  Tuesday     April 20   am   .Software support
                         pm   Batch/distributed   computing
                              Social event
  Wednesday   April 21   am   Batch/distributed   computing
                         pm                       VM session
  Thursday    April 22   am                       HEPOPS