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  • To: ripe-list@localhost
  • From: Anne Lord <Anne.Lord@localhost
  • Date: Wed, 14 Apr 93 14:29:43 +0200


                  15th RIPE Meeting Registration
                       April 27-29th, 1993


This is a reminder to all those planning to attend the forthcoming
RIPE meeting to register as soon as possible please.  We have to 
finalise plans for catering (amongst other things) in the next few
days.  So please help us by completing the registration form (appended
below) and returning it to meeting@localhost asap (if you dont and 
you come to the meeting you wont get any FOOD :-).

On a similar theme, we are currently planning for the RIPE Evening 
Dinner. In order to help us with the selection of venue we need to 
have a clear idea in advance of the number of people that need to be
catered for.  Reservations using the form below will be necessary if
you would like to attend.  Unfortunately it will not be possible to
attend without a reservation.

Payment for the meal will be on Tuesday during the day and in cash.

        Date:   28th April 1993
        Cost:   Approx 65-70 Hfl. inc. wine

The rest is a suprise :-).              

Please use the form below to indicate whether you will be attending
the RIPE Evening Dinner and send it to meeting@localhost asap please.

------------------------Cut here 8<---------------------------- 

                   15th RIPE Meeting, Amsterdam
                          Evening Dinner
                         28th April, 1993

  < >   I will be attending the RIPE Evening Dinner  

  < >   I will be bringing a guest(s).  Please state below 
        how many guests you will be bringing

	        No. of guests:   

  < >   Please indicate if you are a vegetarian or have special 
        dietary needs

        	vegetarian : 

        	special diet, please specify :

  < > 	Name: 
  < > 	Email address: 

If you are interested in participating in the 15th RIPE Meeting in
Amsterdam, would you kindly fill in the attached form and mail it to 
meeting@localhost as soon as possible.

                        15th RIPE meeting
                   Registration reservation form
                      Amsterdam, April 27th-29th 1993

a)  Registration

( ) I would like take part in the RIPE meeting.

( ) I already have a RIPE badge from a previous meeting.

( ) I need a RIPE badge making up for me (please provide your details below). 
    These will be printed on your badge.


b) Personal details 

    Please give your name and contact details below:

    E-Mail Address:

Please send this form to: meeting@localhost or +31 20 592 5090 fax

For further information please send mail to the above e-mail address.