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"Representation of IP Routing Policies in the RIPE Database" paper.

  • To: ripe-list@localhost
  • From: Tony Bates <Tony.Bates@localhost
  • Date: Mon, 22 Feb 93 11:06:18 +0100
  • Cc: rs-imp@localhost, bgpd@localhost, orad-interest@localhost

As discussed at the previous RIPE meeting I circulated the routing paper
draft to the RIPE routing group as proposed and have been folding in 
comments and additions for the last two weeks.

I have got a finished document that is felt complete enough
to be vented to a wider audience. The document is known as ripe-81.

Ref:           ripe-81
Title:         Representation of IP Routing Policies in the RIPE Database
Author:        Tony Bates, Jean-Michel Jouanigot, Daniel Karrenberg, Peter
               Lothberg, Marten Terpstra
Date:          22 February 1993
Format:        PS=151610 bytes TXT=73452 bytes
Obsoleted by:
Updated by:

	The documents can be retrieved by anonymous ftp from


        in the directory 


	as the filenames
		ripe-81.txt (ascii based version)  (postscript version)

The document is specifically marked as "Work in progress" as we still need
it ratified at the next RIPE meeting. At this point if we reach consensus
it will be assigned a new ripe document number and this will be obseleted.

I encourage everyone to read this document. ALL COMMENTS ARE MOST WELCOME and
will be folded in as time permits for review at the next RIPE meeting.

As an update and also to perhaps help in reading as well. 

1)  We have a very basic prototype that can generate both cisco and gated 
accesslists from the database. A very small pilot has started and we here at 
the NCC are just generating access-lists derived from information from
a pseudo database using the proposed format. 

I will be contacting other potential partners in the pilot in due course. This 
will be done via the routing group list so as not to clutter the main list.

2) A very basic prototype of a "prtrace" type tool is also under way.

3) We have also started on a suite on "configurator" based tools
   to make life generally easier for network providers.

As I said all comments welcome. 

		Tony Bates, RIPE NCC