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15th RIPE Meeting - Announcement

  • To: ripe-list@localhost
  • From: Anne Lord <Anne.Lord@localhost
  • Date: Wed, 17 Feb 93 11:42:27 +0100

                R I P E meeting announcement

        This is to announce that the 15th RIPE meeting will take place:

        Dates:          27 April 1993 14:00h - 18:00h
                        28 April 1993 09:00h - 18:00h
                        29 April 1993 09:00h - 16:00h

        Venue:  	CWI      
                        Kruislaan 413 
                        1098 SJ Amsterdam 
                        The Netherlands

        Host:           NIKHEF

        Registration:   Please use the registration form (which will follow
                        in a separate mail) to give notice of your
                        coming as soon as possible.

                        o  CIDR and BGP 4         
                        o  EMPB IP
                        o  EBONE status
                        o  RIPE	NCC Report
                        o  Network Traffic Analysis 
                        o  Working Group reports
                        o  Introduction to demonstrations
                        o  GIX and Route Server report

        General Information:

        Currency:       1 UK pound = Hfl 2.5-3.0 
                        1 ECU = Hfl 2.2 
                        1 US$ = Hfl 1.75 

	Climate:	Spring showers :-)

	Festivals:  	April 30th "Koninginnedag" (public holiday)
			- this is a big street party..where people sell
			everything and anything on the streets of
			Amsterdam...lots of excitement.. 

        Appended to this announcement:

        - directions to the meeting place

        Documents to follow (separate mail messages):

        <> details of hotels in Amsterdam close to meeting venue

        <> registration form for attendance at the meeting 


CWI - The RIPE meeting venue:  How do I get there?

To ease any possible confusion, two postscripts maps will be put in 
the RIPE document store.  One will show the bus and tram stops around 
the meeting site and there will be a more general map of the area.  
Both maps will be available by ftp and are in one file:


a) From Schipol airport:

   <> Take the train from the airport railway station to the RAI station
      in Amsterdam, which is at the end of this line (10 min ride). 

      Amsterdam  Central Station (CS) is on another line.

   <> From the RAI station take the city bus number 69 or CN bus number
      169 in the direction of `Muiderpoort Station' to stop on the 
      corner of Kruislaan and Middenweg (15 min ride, ask the driver
      where to get off).  From here you can take the red shuttle bus 66 
      down Kruislaan (get off at the 2nd stop). The stop is a short walk
      along Kruislaan on the right hand side. Alternatively you can 
      stay on the bus until you reach Muiderpoort Station and from here
      you can take the same shuttle bus number 66 to CWI (4th stop).
   <> If you get off the 69 or 169 at the Kruislaan - Middenweg 
      intersection, walk down the Kruislaan in the direction of 
      the railway bridge.  Walk under the bridge and on your left 
      will be a large group of buildings. Take the 2nd entrance on
      the left.  There will be signposts once you are inside the 
      grounds (15 min walk).  OR you can take the bus number 66 
      mentioned above.

b) From Central Station

   <> Take tram number 9 till the Middenweg and Kruislaan intersection
      (15-20 minutes).

   <> Walk down the Kruislaan in the direction of the railway bridge as
      described above (or get the bus 66).


   <> Take bus 22 in the direction `Indische Buurt' to the stop at the
      Muiderpoort station and take the red shuttle bus number 66 (see

c) From the Amstel Railway Station

   <> Take the city bus number 69 or the CN bus number 169 in the 
      direction `Muiderpoort Station'.  Get off at the stop after
      the Kruislaan and Middenweg intersection (15 min ride, and 
      ask the driver where to get off) or proceed to `Muiderpoort 
      Station' and take shuttle bus no. 66.

d) Taxi from the airport

   <> Takes 15 mins and will cost approximately Hfl. 60.00

e) Connections away

   <> Tram 6   will take you to Leidseplein 
      Tram 10  also Leidseplein
      Tram 14  To and from Dam Square 
      Tram 9   Rembrandtplein 

f) Bus 66 Timetable

   <> From Muiderpoort Station (Monday - Friday)

      7.20, 7.40, 8.00, 8.30, 9.00, 9.15, 9.40, 10.10, 10,40,
      11.10, 11.40, 12.21, 12.51, 13.21, 13.51, 14.21, 14.51, 
      15.21, 15.51, 16.11, 16.31, 16.51, 17.11, 17.51, 18.11

   <> This bus is a shuttle bus that operates from Muiderpoort station
      in a large circle around the CWI and NIKHEF campus.
Public Transport - how much does it cost and where can I get tickets?

Tickets of 15 strips (`Strippenkaart' costing Hfl. 10.75) can be 
bought in Post Offices, railway stations and cigarette shops. 
Tickets of 2 and 3 strips can be bought on the bus or the tram 
but they are much more expensive.  You have to validate the 
ticket yourself in the metro stations and in the trams (except on
lines 4 and 13).  In the buses the driver will validate the ticket.
Amsterdam is divided into zones: the old city is in zone `Centrum'
whereas CWI is in zone `Oost'.  You need to count how many zones
you will be travelling through (from the centre - CWI is 2 zones)
and count up that number of strips on your ticket + 1 extra.  So in
the above example you will need to stamp the 3rd strip. In case of 
overflow you stamp the last strip of the first ticket and start counting 
the remaining strips on the next ticket.  Confused?


BEWARE of pickpockets in crowded places.