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Misc. Info Services and User Support items

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  • Date: Tue, 19 Jan 93 13:20:18 GMT

 Unfortunately I'm unable to make the RIPE meeting at the end of this

 I wish you a fruitful meeting - particularly in the area of networked
 information services and user support.

 A couple of items you may wish to consider...

 The new NSFNET NIC is saying that they may charge for access to their
 information by non-US sites.  They (amongst others) are tasked with
 providing a Directory of information resources.  To be of any value -
 such a resource would depend on there being a two way flow of
 information between US and non-US sites in gathering together this
 info.  I wouldn't be happy about them charging for information
 collected by/from us!!

 Several reports are available from the Mailbase Server - either via
 email or anonymous ftp - that may be of interest.

 In particular - I would like your help in updating the report on
 Information Sevices and User Support in Europe.  Please contact me if
 you wish to contribute an entry for your country.

 Reports available:

      o    Report IETF - Washington: Nov 16-20, 1992 (Jill Foster)

      o    Network Training Status Report, Dec 1992  (Jill Foster)

      o    RARE Technical Report 1: User Support and Information
           Services in Europe.  A status report.     (JF: editor)

      o    Draft report on Networked Information Retrieval 
           (RARE/IETF/CNI joint NIR WG)              (JF: editor) 

      To retrieve a copy, email to Mailbase@localhost with the
      following command(s) as required in the body of the message:
      send wg-isus ietf.11.92

      send wg-isus

      send rare-wg3-usis rtr-usis-92

      send nir  

      Alternatively use anonymous ftp to:

      file:  pub/wg-isus/ietf.11.92

      file:  pub/wg-isus/

      file:  pub/rare-wg3-usis/rtr-usis-92

      file:  pub/nir/

 Best wishes,

 Jill Foster
 (chair RARE Information Services and User Support Working Group)

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