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Complement to HEPnet Announcement

Dear Colleagues,

This is a complement to the Annoucement of the HEPnet Consortium. 

The announcement raised several questions as to the identity of the people 
involved. Here is the list as of 21/12/92

European HEPnet Consortium
Chairman:                   J.Sacton     (ULB/BE)

European HEPnet Consortium Executive Board
Chairman:                   J.J.Thresher (RAL/UK)
Vice-Chairman:              E.Valente    (INFN/IT)
Secretary:                  F.Fluckiger  (CERN/CH)
HRC-convenor (ex-officio):  M.Delfino    (Barcelona/ES)
HTC-convenor (ex-officio):  H.Frese      (DESY/DE)

Note also that the e-mail address given in the announcement for the 
Secretariat of the Executive Board is wrong. The correct address is:

Best regards.             Francois Fluckiger
                          Secretary of the Executive Board 
                          of the European Hepnet Consortium

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