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FYI: Announcement of HEPnet Consortium

  • To:
  • From: (Rob Blokzijl)
  • Date: Thu, 17 Dec 92 10:11:30 +0100
  • Address: Kruislaan 409, P.O. Box 41882, 1009 DB Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Organisation: Nikhef-H (National Institute for Nuclear and High-Energy Physics)
  • Phone: +31 20 5925102, +31 20 6924218 (home)
  • Telefax: +31 20 5925155
  • Telex: 10262 hef nl

                    European HEPnet Consortium
The leased lines and infrastructure which form the present HEPnet
service constitute a major component of international academic and
research networking in Europe.  In order to provide a formal basis
for interaction with other bodies on behalf of HEPnet, the European
HEPnet Consortium has been established.  It will act as a coordinating
and negotiating body for HEPnet activities and will consider the
optimization of the use and cost of HEPnet resources.
Members of the Consortium are drawn from institutions which have a
substantial commitment to HEP networking.  Normally they have sole use
of, or share a major part of, at least one international leased line for
HEP data and file transfer.  Both CERN and DESY are members of the
The Consortium is incorporated into the HEP-CCC (HEP Computing Coordi-
nating Committee), so combining within a single body the functions of
each.  The HEP-CCC will revise its membership and its terms of reference
as appropriate to take proper account of its wider role.  The Chairman
of the HEP-CCC is also the Chairman of the Consortium.
A body known as the HEPnet Consortium Executive Board acts as the
executive arm of the Consortium and reports through ist Chairman to the
Consortium.  The Executive Board has five members, namely, the Chairman,
Vice Chairman, and Secretary, who are appointed by the Consortium for a
two year period, and the convenors of the ECFA HEPnet Requirements Com-
mittee and HEPnet Technical Committee of the HEP-CCC, who are ex-officio
members of the Board.
The objectives and achievements of the European HEPnet Consortium will
be reviewed annually.
For further information, contact the Secretary, European HEPnet Consor-
tium Executive Board, c/o CERN, CH-1211 Geneva 23, Switzerland (E-mail
address: EHC-EB@localhost).

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