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Re: Nsfnet and Ebone stats

> As to Ebone: I realize with ciscos it is impossible to do.  But we
> can at least create reports of ifInOctets/ifOutOctets per Ebone backbone
> link, as well as ifInErrors/ifOutErrors and perhaps the downTrap to see
> how many times a link goes to the down state and for how long.

This is what we do today, and I'm buisy making this information
avaliable, in a way that data collected at various EBS-sites compare
with others...

There is statistics and statistics...


A question is, I do beleive it is technically possible to get the
detailed inforrmation, by adding hardware and software.

How much extra money are you willing to pay extra for this, a ruff
guess is that with organisatial support and so, we look at a 35%
increese of the Ebone costs.


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