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Re: Maps Working Group

 Daniele Bovio HI@localhost writes:
  * Folks,
  * as the people attending the last RIPE meeting in Paris may remember,
  * I volunteered to chair the network maps group and to kick off once
  * more the discussion on this topic.
  * A list has been created at the RIPE NCC for this purpose:
  *                       maps-wg@localhost
  * The list will be used essentially to discuss and find out what we
  * think about the following:
  * * are maps useful or not.
  * * is it worth producing them or not.
  * * should maps be produced centrally (NCC) or in a distributed fashion
  *   (various regional networks should provide them)
  * * should/could maps be produced from the RIPE database or not.
  * * what amount of manpower we estimate necessary to produce and
  *   maintain network maps (both centrally and distributed).
  * * any other issue related to the production of maps I have forgot and
  *   you would like to suggest.
  * (not necessarily in this order ;-))
  * If you feel interested in discussing these topics please send a mail
  * to: maps-wg.request@localhost to be added to the list.

Slight change into standard syntax:

The requests should be send to maps-wg-request@localhost


PS of course we made sure that maps-wg.request@localhost works as well now ;-)

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