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RTR 1 - 2nd Edition

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  • Date: Tue, 27 Oct 92 18:25:59 GMT

 I have just updated the RARE Technical Report 1.  This gives an
 overview of user support activities and major information services in
 Europe. (Plus network contact details).

 The following networks are included:

 National networks:
           Austria         ACONET 
           Beligum         BNAN  
           Denmark         DKnet   
           Finland         FUNET   
           France          EARN-France
           Germany         DFN   
           Greece          ARIADNE
           Hungary         HUNGARNET
           Iceland         ISnet
           Ireland         HEANET 
           Italy           GARR
           Luxembourg      RESTENA
           The Netherlands SURFnet
           Norway          UNINETT
           Portugal        RCCN
           Slovenia        ARNES
           Spain           RedIRIS
           Sweden          SUNET
           Switzerland     SWITCH
           Turkey          TUVAKA
           United Kingdom  JANET

 Regional networks:
           NORDUnet        The Nordic Countries

 European networks/institutes:
           CERN            Europe
           EARN            Europe

 To retrieve a copy of this report from Mailbase send the command:
         send rare-wg3-usis rtr-usis-92

 in an email message to: mailbase@localhost


 Anonymous ftp to: 

 file:   /pub/rare-wg3-usis/rtr-usis-92

 -- Jill Foster (Information Services and User Support Working Group)

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