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Database WG has mailing list

  • To: Reseaux IP Europeens < >
  • From: Daniel Karrenberg < >
  • Date: Tue, 20 Oct 92 18:47:07 +0100

A new mailing list has been created for discussions of the RIPE database
working group.  Since there are quite some work items pending regarding
the database a good deal of traffic is expected in the next few days. 

Since we unfortunately forgot to pass around the signup sheet at the
last WG meeting I have taken the liberty to initialise the list with
names of people who have been interested or have contributed in the
past.  If you would like to subscribe or unsubscribe from the list,
please send mail to the usual address

	[email protected]

The initial list is:

Wilfried Woeber [email protected]
Tony Bates <[email protected]
Stefan Biesbroek [email protected]
Antonio Blasco Bonito [email protected]
Erik-Jan Bos [email protected]
Daniele Bovio [email protected]
Bob Day <[email protected]
Havard Eidnes <[email protected]
Stefan Fassbender [email protected]
Elise Gerich [email protected]
Arnold Nipper [email protected]
Willi Porten [email protected]
Annie Renard <[email protected]
Duncan Rogerson <[email protected]
Andreas Schachtner [email protected]
Don Stikvoort [email protected]
Daniele Vanozzi [email protected]
Ruediger Volk [email protected]
Scott Williamson [email protected]
RIPE NCC [email protected]

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