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How to get a free EMPB connection to your network

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  • From: Peter Lothberg < >
  • Date: Wed, 14 Oct 92 13:51:23 MET

EMPB are offering their customers a network with guareanteed quality
of service (well 200kb/s on a 2m link).

Any one that buys a EMPB connection to his workstation, needs to asure
that this connection, actually makes the IP arcitecture as a whole
fully functional.

This means that EMPB has to provide connectivity to all nameservers
as an example.

If EMPB connects through something that has no quality of service
guarantees at all, the quality of the FUNCTIONALTY provided is the
sum of the transit networks.

So I suggest that all regional/RBS etc networks in the world choices
to offer the EMPB providor to connect to them locally, at the expences
of EMPB, so that EMPB customers can reach a particular RBS-region
through EMPB controled paths. Otherwice it would be really hard for 
the EMPB providor to live up to any of the guarantees for quality of 
service, if they relay on such a thing as the unreliable Ebone.

For those wo don't follow me, here is a summary;

If you want a free EMPB connection, so that EMPB customers can talk to
you, just excercice the right of implementing your policy in the RBS,
and offer EMPB a free ethernet connector on your central routers.


If you talk to EMPB through the Ebone, you are using your resources to
subsidise the EMPB providor.

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