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MICE - not quite there yet...

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  • Date: Tue, 29 Sep 92 17:59:49 +0100
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    wallace@localhost (Bruce Wallace),


the message i sent about multimedia for europe was a bit premature -
sorry, enthusiasm got the better of me.

the project is not yet funded...

you will certainly know as soon as we find out!

note, also, that the protocol stack is subject to much study (as one
would expect for continous media, there are no firm standaards yet, so
some investigation is needed before committing to any particular isochronous service is offered byu some x.25 switch
manufactuerers, for instance (e.g. netcomm)).

sorry to over-raise hopes...

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From: Jon Crowcroft <J.Crowcroft@localhost

 >Waht we do need is risk capital from tax payers to show new
 >applications so taht the service providers will invest in higher
 >bandwidth network solutions for mulitmedia mail and video
 >Step 1 34 Mbps addtional bandwidth support to Ebone, maybe PTT telcomm
 >is interested to prowide this for the same amount of money?

 >Step 2 Separate testbed to try new concepts and protocol structures

yes - we will need just these two steps to finalise work on the MICE
project in late 1993. However, to start this project (from the day
after tomorrow:-), we need:

For those of you not aware, the EC has funded MICE (Multimedia
International Conferencing for the Ec) to coordinate pilot services 
for audio, video, audio and shared whiteboard/editors between any
interested EC and EFTA least France, Germany,
Netherlands and Sweden + Norway are involved already.

We will be using existing tools (e.g. vat, dvc, inria, videoconf,) for
workstation conferencing and H.261 CODECs with packetizers and any other
technology to link video conferencing roms facilities at Research and
Educational Facilities. (A Packetiser is usually a sparcstation with
hsi board).

typically, this will entail IP (since much of the video/audio
technology comes from the US< just like good networking technology),
to carry packet video and audio - we hope to work with RIPE/RARE and
with router and switch vendors to influence the production pof
resource guarantees in ther network devices. End systems are already
fine for audio, and shared applications in the Ebone environment.
Video has not been extensively tried.

If you are worred about being swamped with traffic, let me assure you
that each user nation *must* have full approval end to end...

obviously, the multicast facilities of the Mbone will be essential in
optimising traffic (will EMPB provide multicast?).


and just to agree on the sign-off:
 >	 Who would want to participate in an IP *pilot*, when
 >	 we have a globe-wide, reliable, and well-managed IP
 >	 *service* right behind our keyboards???

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