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Re: Mis-information

  • To: (Bruce Wallace)
  • From: Peter Lothberg < >
  • Date: Tue, 29 Sep 92 12:23:03 MET
  • Cc:

>I have spoken up and I hope cleared up the mistakes.

Thanks Bruce, 

My problem, and I guess that that goes for many in the IP networking
world of the planet Earth are not used to the 'big-brother' approach.

The quality of the service, seen by the enduser (and the networks are
to support the endusers) are the sum of all involved organisations,
that his traffic may traverese. 

A well managed, but SECRET cloud in the middle, that tryes to
establish itsef without talking to ALL of the outside world, creates
problems, real of imagined.

As you seem to be informed, I would like to ask you to submitt to the
Ripe malinglist all relevant documents, and the in deepth technical 
plan for the EMPB IP service, and how that interropetartes with other 
planned Unisource IP networking activities.


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