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Re: Open letter

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  • From: Jon Crowcroft < >
  • Date: Fri, 18 Sep 92 10:32:00 +0100
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 good letter! 

 >The technical issues are:
 >- routing
 >- DNS
 >- management

i think dns is subsumed in management - i would say just 
routing & Management
(but possibly also IPv7 evolution).

 >This could be achieved through two steps:
 >- enabling funding for the EBONE structure to reinforce the bandwidth
 >  to 34 MBPS which is the technical and infrastructure possibility today.
 >  this could be made in an open tender, where the interconnections points
 >  in Ebone represents the European "GIX:es".

yes please!

 >DGXIII:s initiative "Demonstration of Interworking via optical
 >Networks" is open for proposal now, I consider this to be a very
 >fruitful possibility forward. Once these first experiments are settled
 >one could enter a pilot service phase and subsequently a move to a
 >open market.

right - there are at least 3 EC nations currently starting to build
34 - 622 Mbps national nets...

anything below 34 Mbps interconnect would be a joke

you have my support!

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