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Revised RIPE NCC folders - v2.

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  • From: Anne Lord < >
  • Date: Thu, 17 Sep 92 16:45:20 +0200

Dear All,

The NCC folders have been revised and version 2 of each has been
produced.  The modified folders .ps versions have been placed in the
RIPE document store :

/ripe/docs/ripe-drafts/ -   Interactive Information Server -   Network Management Database

The text versions are included at the end of this message.  The .ps
drafts contain the graphics, whilst the text versions have none. 

To avoid repetition, the 'About RIPE' boiler plate information has been
included only once in the following text versions. 

These documents will be raised for approval at the forthcoming RIPE
meeting (ie.  very soon). 

Until then, comments welcome. 



NCC Interactive Information Service

One of the activities of RIPE is to disseminate information.  In accord-
ance with this role, the NCC maintains a document store which can be
accessed via the NCC developed Interactive Information Service.  The
Main Menu of the Interactive Information Service is shown below. 

If you wish to find out more about RIPE and the RIPE NCC, you would
select the first item on the menu.  Should you wish to "browse" through
the RIPE document store, you would select the second item on the menu. 
Alternatively you might wish to search the same document store on a
particular topic of interest.  In this case, you would select item 3
from the menu - the "keyword" search.  Item 4 on the menu allows you to
interactively search the RIPE Network Management Database.  Item 9
enables you to send mail directly to the NCC.  We are happy to receive
your comments and suggestions. 

Menus and the Pager in the RIPE Document Store

The NCC Interactive Information Service for the RIPE Document Store
comprises a number of hierarchically arranged menus.  If you are reading
a document you will be able to move around the document with the help
of a `pager`, using simple commands.  Typing `u` for example will move
you up through the document, `d` will move you down and `q' will quit
the document.  If you need help on how to use the pager type `h'. 

Browsing through the RIPE Document Store

If you select item 2 from the Main Menu you arrive at `browse` menus. 
One of these sub menus is shown on the facing page.:

Each sub-menu choice is followed by either a slash, indicating further
sub-menus or a dot which indicates that the menu choice is a docu-
ment.To read a document, highlight the document you require and press
return.  This can be done either by using the cursor keys or by typing
in the corresponding number and pressing return twice. 

Once you have finished reading the document, type `q' to quit.  After
quitting the document, you are asked whether you would like an email
copy of the document.  You will then be prompted for an e-mail address. 
Once this has been entered the document will be sent to you and you will
be returned to the current menu.  If you would like to return to a
previous menu, type `u'. 

Keyword Search of the RIPE Document Store

Similarly, if you select item 3 from the Main Menu, you will move to a
sub menu which shows the indices currently provided by the NCC:

Currently these indices comprise Internet RFC's, the RIPE documents
and the RIPE Network Management Database. 

Once you have selected the index you are interested in, you will be
prompted to specify a keyword for the search.  This can be more than one
word provided it is separated by spaces.  To start the search, you
simply press return.  The names of the documents containing your keyword
matches are presented in a menu form sorted by a score.  The higher the
score, the greater the number of matches found.  By positioning the
cursor over the document titles you are interested in and typing `m' you
can receive an e-mail copy of the document (you will be prompted for an
e-mail address).  It is not necessary to read the document before asking
for it to be mailed to you.  By hitting return on a document name you
can then read your `matched' document.  If you type `q' you will quit
the search and return to the Main Menu. 

Search of the RIPE Database

If you make selection 4 from the Main Menu, you will start a search of
the RIPE Database.  Additionally you can include in your search the
databases of the NSFnet and the US NIC's.  You will be asked to specify
a search key.  The results of the search are displayed on the screen. 
Further information on the RIPE Database can be found in a separate
information leaflet. 

How to reach the Interactive Information Service

The Information Service is easily accessed from both the Internet and
via IXI and the Public Data Networks.  From the Internet you type:


or if it returns with a `host unknown' message type:


Using IXI, on most machines you can connect by typing:

       pad 020430459300031

and via the Public Data Network by using:

       pad 0204129004331

Some configurations on hosts require the IXI and PDN network addresses
to be without the leading zeroes.  If you experience difficulties in
connecting to the Interactive Information Service please do not hesitate
to call the RIPE NCC for help. 

About RIPE

RIPE (Reseaux IP Europeens) is a collaborative organisation open to all
European Internet service providers.  The objective of RIPE is to ensure
the necessary administrative and technical coordination to allow the
operation of a pan-European IP network.  RIPE does not operate a network
of its own.  RIPE is the IP activity of RARE. 

RIPE has been functioning since 1989.  Currently more than 60
organisations participate in the work.  The result of the RIPE coordi-
nation effort is that the individual end-user is presented on his desk-
top with a uniform IP service irrespective of the particular network his
or her workstation is attached to.  In August 1992 more than 220,000
hosts throughout Europe are reachable via networks coordinated by RIPE. 
The total number of systems reachable worldwide is estimated at more
than one million. 

About the RIPE NCC

The RIPE Network Coordination Centre supports all those RIPE activities
which cannot be effectively performed by volunteers from the
participating organisations.  Besides supporting RIPE activities in
general the NCC provides the following services to network operators:

m network management database containing information about IP
networks, DNS domains, IP routing policies and contact information

m delegated Internet registry, a clearing house distributing IP
network numbers

m coordinated network statistics gathering

m domain name system (DNS) coordination

m graphical maps of IP networks (planned)

m repository for network operations software

m RIPE document store

m interactive information service

The RIPE NCC currently has 3 permanent staff members.  The RARE
association provides the formal framework for the NCC.  Funding for the
first year of operation of the NCC is provided by the national members
of RARE, EARN, EUnet and Israel. 

To learn more about the RIPE NCC and its services you can consult the
appropriate leaflet, the interactive information server or contact the
NCC by electronic mail, telephone or fax. 

RIPE NCC Contact Information

Address: RIPE NCC

Kruislaan 409

NL-1098 SJ Amsterdam

The Netherlands

Phone: +31 20 592 5065

Fax: +31 20 592 5090

Electronic Mail: ncc@localhost

RIPE NCC Interactive Information Service

Information about RIPE and RIPE NCC services can also be obtained using
the Interactive Information Service.  This menu-driven service allows
browsing through the RIPE document store, reading documents and sending
them by electronic mail.  It can be reached by telnetting to host  The service is also available via the public X.25
networks at 0204129004331 and via the IXI X.25 network at

Access to the RIPE Document Store

All RIPE documents and Internet RFCs are available via anonymous FTP
from host  The same documents are also available via a
"gopher" server at and a "WAIS" server at
Access via "World Wide Web" and OSIFTAM are planned. 

Access to the RIPE Database

The RIPE network management database can be accessed via the whois (RFC
954) server running on host  The database can also be
accessed via the RIPE NCC interactive information service, described


Documents can also be retrieved from the RIPE document store using a
mailserver program.  For more information on how to use the program,
send email to mail-server@localhost with "send HELP" in the body text. 

RIPE-NCC F-1 Version 0.2 /September 1992


What is the RIPE Network Management Database ?

One of the activities of RIPE is to maintain a database of European IP
networks, DNS domains and their contact persons.  This database is
called the RIPE Network Management Database or simply the
"RIPE Database". The information held on this database is available 
to the public for the purpose of coordinating IP networking.  This sup-
ports the work of network operators (NICs and NOCs) throughout Europe
and worldwide. 

For instance, if a user in network A cannot reach a machine in network
B, then the network manager of network A could find out the technical
contact person of network B, to locate and solve the problem.  The
database also holds information which supports optimal routing of IP
packets through the networks. 

The information in the database is maintained centrally by the RIPE NCC.
The access to the database is currently only available at the RIPE NCC,
but in the future the maintenance and access of the database will be
distributed throughout Europe. 

What information is in the database ?

Currently the RIPE database consists of IP networks, Domain Name System
domains and contact persons.  Information from the US NIC database and
the NSFnet Routing Policy Database is also available in the same format.
The latter databases are not maintained by the RIPE NCC, but made
available for your convenience. 

A network and its contact persons are represented by different data-
base objects.  This means that for each network there is a network
object describing the network and one or more person objects describing
the persons. 

Objects are described by attributes, one per line separated by empty
lines.  The information stored about network consists of 3
objects, one network object and 2 person objects and looks like this:


netname: RIPE-NCC

descr: RIPE Network Coordination Centre

descr: Amsterdam, Netherlands

country: NL

admin-c: Daniel Karrenberg

tech-c: Marten Terpstra

connect: RIPE SURF NSF


changed: dfk@localhost 920312

changed: ripe-dbm@localhost 920407

source: RIPE

person: Daniel Karrenberg

address: RIPE Network Coordination Centre

address: Kruislaan 409

address: NL-1098 SJ Amsterdam

address: Netherlands

phone: +31 20 5925065

fax-no: +31 20 5925155

e-mail: dfk@localhost

nic-hdl: DK58

changed: dfk@localhost 920407

changed: ripe-dbm@localhost 920407

source: RIPE

person: Marten Terpstra

address: RIPE Network Coordination Centre

address: Kruislaan 409

address: NL-1098 SJ Amsterdam

address: The Netherlands

phone: +31 20 592 5065

fax-no: +31 20 592 5155

e-mail: marten@localhost

changed: dfk@localhost 920501

source: RIPE

The information stored about the DNS domain name consists of
3 objects, one domain object and two person objects and looks like this:


descr: RIPE Network Coordination Centre

admin-c: Daniel Karrenberg

tech-c: Marten Terpstra

zone-c: Daniel Karrenberg




remarks: fully-managed

changed: ripe-dbm@localhost 920401

source: RIPE

and again, the objects for the 2 mentioned persons would appear. 

An extensive explanation of the fields in an object can be found in the
object templates described in the paragraph.  titled 'How do I send
updates for the RIPE database?`

How to reach the RIPE database ?

The RIPE database can be accessed via a whois server (RFC 954) on host (tcp port 43).  An example of accessing the database
using whois to get the DNS domain information for would be:

    whois -h

This would result in providing the information as in the example above. 

Search keys for the database are surname, first name, network number,
network name, domain name and nic handle. 

By default, only the RIPE database information is searched.  To also
access the NSFnet and US NIC databases you can add the -a flag to the
search key.  You will have to put quotes around the flag and the search
key.  On most machines you should use the following to find the
information in all databases on person Karrenberg:

    whois -h "-a karrenberg"

The whole database is also available via anonymous ftp from
as file ripe.db in directory ripe/dbase. 

Alternative ways of reaching the RIPE database

The information in the RIPE database is also available from the Inter-
active Information Service provided by the RIPE NCC, by means of a
browser and a full text search through the database.  This is explained
in the RIPE NCC Interactive Information Services leaflet. 

As a very last resort, you can access the database by connecting to tcp
port 43 using telnet, after which you can type the search key. 

How do I send updates for the RIPE database ?

Database updates should be sent via electronic mail to



Templates for the objects are available via anonymous ftp from in the directory ripe/docs/lpr/db-templates in files
network and domain. 

When sending in updates, be sure to supply a person object for each
contact person mentioned in the any of objects.  Of course you need not
supply person objects if they are already present in the database and
the information is still correct.  

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