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FYI: Hints for Organisations Requesting Class B Network NumberS

  • To: Reseaux IP Europeens < >
  • From: Daniel Karrenberg < >
  • Date: Tue, 15 Sep 92 14:18:49 +0200

The NCC is receiveing more and more requests for class B network numbers
with very little justification as to why a class B number
is needed.  We have therefore developed a text giving additional hints
to organisations requesting class B network numbers. Please find a copy
attached below. We are happy to receive comments on the text and we would
be obliged if you could ensure it reachas organisations applying for Bs.



Additional Hints for Organisations Requesting Class B Network Numbers

Please understand that the criteria for allocating Class B network
addresses are extremely strict.  This is due to the global scarcity of
these network numbers.  Out of necessity then, the NCC has to closely
examine each and every request we receive for a class B network address.
As a result the allocation process will take longer.  Organisations can
however speed up the process by providing the NCC with as much
information as possible on their initial request to enable us to make a
decision without having to request more information.  Specifically, we
require information about the number of hosts in your network at the
following points in time:

	- now
	- one year from now
	- two years from now
	- any other significant milestone

The number of hosts estimates should be substantiated with other data
about the network and/or organisation like number of employees,
geographical distribution, type of hosts.  The clearer you can document
that your estimates are carefully derived, the easier it is for us to
justify allocation of a class B address. 

Besides a sufficient number of hosts we must determine that your network
cannot be engineered using a number of contiguous class C networks.  If
your network consists of a large number of physical networks with
relatively small numbers of hosts on each, you will have to consider
subnetting class C networks.  A large number of subnetworks alone is not
sufficient justification for allocation of a class B network number.  We
realise that a number of engineering decisions can be based on
administrative convenience.  Unfortunately the remaining class B address
space is too small to take these considerations into account.  The
clearer your explanation is, as to why your network *cannot* be
engineered using a block of class C network numbers, the easier it is
for us to justify allocation of a class B network address. 

All the above mentioned points apply even more strongly to cases where
multiple class B network numbers are requested.  Assignments of multiple
class B network numbers will only occur when the RIPE NCC is satisfied
with a detailed justification in terms of the criteria mentioned. 

Finally, please understand that we are not working against you, but with
the whole Internet community to achieve a fair distribution of the
remaining address space.  If you have any questions about the procedure
or the information needed, please do not hesitate to contact the RIPE
NCC for further guidance. 

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