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Draft agenda for the European connectivity WG

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  • From: Milan Sterba < >
  • Date: Mon, 14 Sep 1992 17:27:37 +0200

Here is the first draft for our agenda at the next RIPE meeting in Paris. 
I consider a meeting of this WG during the Paris meeting as usefull and
suppose that we will need two 1.5 hour blocks to cover the topics.
Thanks for comments and suggestions.

* CEEC report revisited (discussion -> new report before end oct.)

* Ebone/non-Ebone coutries/networks relationship (clarification)
  (this related to a more general problem of AUP's in different
  european networks) 

* CEEC connectivity scheme optimization (with respect to existing
  and realistically planned connections, eg. IXI extensions, recent
  Ebone evolutions etc.)
  discussion -> recommendation

* commercial use of international links in poorely connected countries
  (current state and possibilities) <-> (Glenn's WG)

* non-connected coutries - state of the art and what can we do

* overview of actions to support networking in CEEC countries
  (joint research, network schools, conferences, direct help, etc.)
  summary -> NIDUS WG

* regional mapping process coordination for CEEC (regional mapping
  authority appointment)

* towards a global network architecture in Europe in the environment
  of multiple IP providers (regional NAP's, routing servers and 
  arbiters) (BOF - is this scheme suitable for Europe ?)

Of course there  is one major theme in European connectivity, which is
the EMPB IP Pilot/Ebone and OU/Ebone relationships. But I suppose this
topic will be covered in plenary. I add some more comments on this in
a separate mail.

Milan Sterba


Prague School of Economics		e-mail : Milan.Sterba@localhost
Computing Center			tel : +42 2 21 25 704
nam. W. Churchilla 4			home: +42 2 823 78 59	
130 67 Praha 3				fax : +42 2 235 85 09

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