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  • From: Klaus Birkenbihl < >
  • Date: Fri, 11 Sep 92 14:29:32 +0200
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you all are aware of the suboptimal IP-connectivity within Europe in general 
and to and from Germany specifically. After talks with the german national
network organization (DFN) GMD decided to make the following commitment:

GMD will establish an EBONE EBS in Germany. This shall be done by providing
at least 2x256Kb bandwidth to two other EBSs in short term. The selection 
of the endpoints of the lines will be negotiated within EBONE as well as the
embedding in a new financial structure of EBONE. Add ons on the bandwith by 
the other endpoints or other contributors are welcome. We are in contact with 
the German IP service providers to organize the national setup and connectivity 
of the EBS. We plan to be operational by Feb. 93.

We also shall participate in the EMPB activities and shall continuosly evaluate 
both services to provide the best possible connectivity for our clients. 

We talked to a number of people on this plan and got mostly a very possitive 
response. We hope this step to improve internet connectivity in Europe gets 
support from everybody in the arena.

Best regards,

Klaus Birkenbihl
GMD - Center for Science Networks

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