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Re: RIPE and EBONE-93

  • To: Marten Terpstra < >
  • From: Hank Nussbacher < >
  • Date: Tue, 08 Sep 92 12:33:48 IST
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As a non-European member of Ebone (RBS), Israel would like to
present the following questions to the OU proposal:

1) There is no mention of the lines to the USA in the budget.  Who
   will be funding these lines?  If the NSF will agree to 50% of
   the costs, wouldn't that mean that the OU would have to include
   the other 50% of the costs in its 'total accepted costs', thereby
   increasing it from 1,800,000ECU?  Or is this proposal based on the
   NSF picking up all the costs of all the lines?

2) Will the line cost to Israel be the model used for all non-European
   countries?  As opposed to the rest of Europe, where the OU
   pays 75% of both ends of the line, in the Israeli case, the OU
   is picking up 100% of only the European end of the line.  Will
   this be the same arrangement for places like Japan or the Far
   East that will connect to the OU?

3) What is the definition of 3rd party traffic?  Can you give some
   concrete examples of 3rd party national traffic as stated
   in section 6b?

4) Who is the owner of the physical line if the OU pays 75% of the

5) Who is the owner of the RBS equipment or to use USA terms the
   POP (Point Of Presence) in each country?  Does the OU supply
   this equipment or does the OU just commit to a physical IP
   termination point with no end point equipment?  If the OU
   is not responsible for the POP, can any equipment be used (i.e.
   other than cisco) and what will be the OU's commitment to
   integrate such equipment into the OU cloud?

Hank Nussbacher
ILAN - Israel

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