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Re: European IP requests - template

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  • From: Daniel Karrenberg < >
  • Date: Wed, 02 Sep 92 14:32:55 +0200
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  > bob@localhost writes:
  > Daniel Karrenberg <Daniel.Karrenberg@localhost writes:
  > > After giving it some thought I strongly believe that we should go for a
  > > European IP network number *registration* form and eventually for a 
  > > worldwide one.
  > I agree. If others on this list think it's worthwhile, I'll circulate
  > the form we use, plus the reasoning for its design, as input.
  > If RIPE does come up with a useable "standard" form, we'll switch to
  > using it. (This is a bit of a pain at this stage, as it'll mean a change
  > to our documentation, but I'd consider the longer term benefits worth
  > the short term extra work.)


thanks for your positive and constructive reaction. Of course the NCC
will work hard to achieve this. We have already circulated our form
albeit without separate explanation of the "design". Why don't you
circulate your's as well? I gather it is useful to see for the people
on this list no mater what we decide.


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