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  • To: (Fabio Fantuzzi)
  • From: Petri Ojala < >
  • Date: Tue, 1 Sep 1992 13:08:13 +0300
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 > I'm looking for implementations of ppp, the most interesting for me
 > being the mips/ultrix one. Can you help me with indications of possible
 > sources ?

Probably the best PPP implementation for Unix available is the commercial
package from Morningstar Technologies. provides
information about the package (including the user manual in postscript
format) and they can be reached at marketing@localhost.  They
support large variety of Unixes (including Ultrix) and the pricing is
around $800.  Their PPP support all the current official and draft
features and also VJ-SLIP. is a good source for several public
domain PPP packages.  Including packages such as dp.2.0 (PPP with
dial-up support) and pppd-1.01beta (Sun streams PPP).

For Ultrix I certainly would recommend MST PPP.


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