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Re: Ownership of RIPE Database

  • To: (Daniel Karrenberg)
  • From: (Daniel Kalchev)
  • Date: Thu, 20 Aug 92 13:54:58 EET
  • Cc:


Here is what the FidoNet nodelist has to say about this. Attached
is the header of the file, containing the copyright. The RIPE database
too like the FidoNet nodelist is a compilation of segments, contributed
by each Coordinator (NCC, NIC, naming authority).

Maybe some simmilar text can go with the RIPE database as well?

Best Regards from Bulgaria,
/* the other one :) */

=== nodelist.hdr ===
;A FidoNet Nodelist for Friday, August 14, 1992 -- Day number 227 : 35636
;A The FidoNet(r) NodeList, a listing of the systems within FidoNet.
;A Copyright 1991, Fido Software.  All rights reserved except for the following:
;A  .. The FidoNet NodeList is compiled so that computer systems within FidoNet
;A     may communicate with each other.  Use and intra-FidoNet distribution
;A     rights are granted to all FidoNet system operators for the purposes of
;A     communication within FidoNet or applying for a FidoNet node number.
;A  .. This is a compilation of individual nodelist segments contributed by the
;A     drafters and compilers of those segments.  Contribution of these segments
;A     to this compilation does not diminish the rights of the contributors.
;A Other use without express written consent is forbidden.  For other use,
;A please contact Fido Software, Box 77731, San Francisco, CA  94107  USA.
;A Fido(r), FidoNet(r), and the dog with diskette are registered marks of Tom
;A Jennings and Fido Software.
=== end nodelist.hdr ===

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