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RIPE NCC Quarterly Report, Issue 1 available

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  • Date: Wed, 08 Jul 92 14:44:04 +0200
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The first quarterly report of the RIPE NCC is available now.
It contains details about NCC activities during the second quarter 
of this year.  The management summary section is attached below. 

The document is available from the RIPE document store in both
PostScript and ASCII form.  The document name is ripe-ncc-02.  
The FTP filenames are:

	ASCII:      ~ftp/ripe/docs/lpr/ripe-ncc-02.lpr		

	PostScript: ~ftp/ripe/docs/ps/		

Note that the PostScript version is not only much nicer looking but also
contains graphics not representable in the ASCII version. 

Hardcopies of the report will be sent to all organisations contributing
to the funding of the NCC.  We welcome any comments you might have about 
the contents or the format of this report. 


Daniel Karrenberg
NCC Manager


Management Summary

A good and quick start

The RIPE NCC formally started operations in April 1992 with
the NCC man- ager.  He was joined in May by the network
engineer and the network administrator.  During March, even
before the official start of activities, the office space
was organised and the computing equipment was installed.
This enabled the NCC to provide core services from day one.

The first two months of operation with the full staff com-
plement were used to quickly establish a comprehensive set
of services, as specified in the NCC activity plan.  Some of
these were a continuation of services that hitherto had been
provided elsewhere.  An orderly and timely transition to the
NCC of these services was carried out with help of all those
who had been involved with their provision. Recently, the
NCC has established a number of new services.  Detailed
information about all the activities can be found in

As expected general set-up and training activities also con-
sumed resources during this phase.  Since these activities
are operational overheads, they will not be detailed below.


During this start-up phase, priority was given to establish-
ing those activities which can be both quickly initiated and
produce results. Activities needing a longer set-up time
and/or those which need considerable guidance from RIPE have
been postponed until a basic service level is achieved and
recognised by the community.

Important Topics

The section on "Important Topics" highlights issues around
future charging models for NCC services and the mapping


The NCC will use the next three months to consolidate the
current achievements and to stimulate consensus building in
RIPE about priorities for the longer term activities.  These
will then be started in the third quarter of NCC operations
following the next RIPE meeting.

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