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Networking in Malta ?

  • To: Reseaux IP Europeens < >
  • From: Daniel Karrenberg < >
  • Date: Thu, 02 Jul 92 10:19:18 +0200
  • Reply-to: Joseph Galea < >

If you know about networking in Malta, please reply to
Joseph Galea joe@localhost.

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Date:     Thu, 02 Jul 1992 10:30:26 +1200
From:     Joseph Galea joe@localhost
To:       dfk@localhost
Subject:  Networking in Malta

Hi Daniel,

   At the moment I am in New Zealand working at a University which
has a very sound networking environment.  This September I will be
returning to Malta and while I am still here I thought of getting
some information as to what has happened networking wise so far, 
if any, in Malta.  
   I intend to convey any valuable information to people who are 
concerned with the Maltese educational institutions, the major two 
of which are the University and the Polythec.   No educational
institution can afford to remain isolated from the rest of the
world!  If nothing has been done so far, I understand that funding
could be a problem for the local authorities.

   I would be grateful if you could send me any information.


   Joseph Galea  

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