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Re: new bug fix release of prtraceroute

Hi Tony,

> Tony Bates writes :
> The -g flag stopped working with these new fixes. Hence a fast kludge
> patch.

I have included your patch (kludge?) in the distribution:


> [lovefm-tony-59] diff prtraceroute.pl prtraceroute.pl~
> 534,535c534
> < #          die "quad2int: illegal ip number \'$quad\'\n";
> <          return -1;
> ---
> >           die "quad2int: illegal ip number \'$quad\'\n";
> Basically quad2int should not die if passed a string which is what it
> does here. There is probably a more elegent way of acheiving what I
> think you were actually looking for in the code than what I did but
> this will do the trick.

Correct. I was not aware of the fact that the software used this to find
out if it was dealing with a domain name or an IP address. Traceroute
should not be able to give back (in any case) an invalid IP address and
thus a 'die' after such an event seemed appropriate...

I think that your patch is not a kludge but a good solution to solve this
problem. Prtraceroute has other problems that cannot be easily solved
with such a clear an easy patch :-(.

Kind regards,

David K.

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