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Mini pride tool

  • From: Tony Bates < >
  • Date: Fri, 01 Jul 1994 14:11:20 +0200
  • Cc: RIPE STAFF < >

Seeing as the use of AS-MACROS is now supported and being used quite a bit
we've written a little tool called "maxpand" which will expand an AS-MACRO
into a list of ASes. Like this.

[mature-tony-157] maxpand AS-EMPB
AS137       AS224       AS513       AS544       AS553       AS559   
AS565       AS719       AS760       AS766       AS786       AS789   
AS1103      AS1104      AS1125      AS1134      AS1213      AS1274  
AS1275      AS1653      AS1654      AS1739      AS1741      AS1754  
AS1835      AS1850      AS1853      AS1887      AS1888      AS1893  
AS1895      AS1902      AS1922      AS1930      AS1955      AS2038  
AS2043      AS2107      AS2123      AS2148      AS2380      AS2487  
AS2546      AS2547      AS2588      AS2592      AS2598      AS2602  
AS2603      AS2605      AS2611      AS2614      AS2643      AS2683  
AS2831      AS2832      AS2833      AS2834      AS2835      AS2836  
AS2837      AS2838      AS2839      AS2840      AS2841      AS2842  
AS2843      AS2844      AS2845      AS2846      AS2847      AS2875  
AS3208      AS3221      AS3224      AS3333      

Find below the man page for this. This be got from

It installs in the same way as other tools. This is will be part of future

Thanks to Bernard Tuy for suggesting this.


maxpand(1)               USER COMMANDS                 maxpand(1)

     maxpand - print the ASes contained in an AS-MACRO

     maxpand [ -d ] [ -l ] [ -r ] [  -v  ]  [  -p  port  ]  [  -h
     whoishost ] AS-MACRO

     This will expand AS macros registered in the routing  regis-
     try into individual ASes. An AS macro is a convenient way of
     grouping ASes together for registering routing policy.

     -l    Print output as  a  single  line.  The  default  is  a
           "pretty print" output similar to ls(1) -l flag.

     -d    Debug output. Gives  additional  internal  information
           and should not be used for general use.

     -v    Verbose output. This can be used to show  the  way  in
           which the AS macro is looked up.

     -r    Non recursive mode. An AS macro can reference other AS
           macros  and  the  default is to recursively expand all
           the AS macros referenced. The -r will stop this.

     -h whoishost
           Specify an alternate whois server  to  the  configured
           one for routing registry (RR) data.

     -p port
           Specify an alternate port for the RR whois server.

             This will change the RR whoishost  to  use.  The  -h
             option   will   override   this.    The  default  is

             The will change the port number to use to connect to
             the  RR. The -p port will override this. The default
             is port 43.

     Tony Bates, Marten Terpstra


     "Representation of IP Routing Policies in the RIPE  Database
     -   ripe-81",  Tony  Bates,  Jean-Michel  Jouanigot,  Daniel

Sun Release 4.1    Last change: July 1st, 1994                  1

maxpand(1)               USER COMMANDS                 maxpand(1)

     Karrenberg, Peter Lothberg, Marten Terpstra.

Sun Release 4.1    Last change: July 1st, 1994                  2

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