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Reminder about second PRIDE course

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  • From: PRIDE Project < >
  • Date: Thu, 30 Jun 1994 11:42:55 +0200

This is a reminder for those who have nt yet shown an interest in participating
in the second PRIDE course and would like the possibility of attending.
Please see the original note sent out below. 
So far the response has been quite low. If we do not get more attendees then
we will possibly postpone the course until the end of summer. 



	          Poll for the second PRIDE Course

The second PRIDE course is planned for sometime in early July and we have had
several offers of venue for the next course. There are three possible venues for
the next course:

	1) Vienna, Austria
	2) London, UK
	3) Amsterdam, Netherlands

We would like to hold this course in Week 28 either at the beginning or end of
that week to allow people to take advantage of weekend stop-over if traveling.

As you probably know there is high demand for places on the course which is 
limited to 12 and one per organisation. Preference will be given to staff 
from PRIDE funding organisations first and then organisations who have not 
attended previous courses. 

Please can you take a little time to fill in the following short questionnaire 
if you are interested in attending the next course. This will not guarantee a 
place but will help to make a decision on the next venue and date. Please send
your replies to pride-rsvp@localhost.

	Many thanks,



Poll for next PRIDE course

	Please try to fill this out as specified so this can be parsed
automatically. Please add in a value in the `box' area marked between the 
square brackets (i.e. "[" and "]" s).


1) Your name

	# NAME           [                                      ]

2) Your Organisation/Institution

	# ORG            [                                      ]

3) Your e-mail address 

	# EMAIL          [                                      ]

4) Which venue would you prefer ?

   If Vienna fill in V in the box below
   If London fill in L in the box below
   If Amsterdam fill in A in the box below

	# VENUE           [     ]

5) Which date you prefer ?

    If Monday, 11th July, 1994 fill in "Mon" in the box below
    If Friday, 15th July, 1994 fill in "Fri" in the box below
    If another day in week 28 is preferable put "Tue", "Wed" or "Thu"
     in the box below

	# DATE            [     ]

6) What about other courses ? 

    If you cannot come make the next course but want to be considered for
    for future courses put a Y in the box below

	# NEXT            [     ]


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