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Next_Hop stuff in prtraceroute


here I am again about the next hop stuff... Look at this:

survis bos % prtraceroute ns.eu.net
traceroute to ns.eu.net ( with AS and policy additions

 1 AS1103  surrogate.surfnet.nl        [I]
 2 AS1103  Utrecht1.router.surfnet.nl      [I]
 3 AS1103  Amsterdam1.router.surfnet.nl       [I]
 4 AS 286  Amsterdam.NL.EU.net          [?NH 1128]
 5 AS 286  ns.EU.net                  [I]

AS Path followed:  1103 [?1128?] 286

AS1103 = SURFnet IP
AS1128 = EuropaNET PoP Amsterdam
AS 286 = EUnet-central AS

At a first glance this look okay, the SURFnet box gets the next hop from
the EuropaNET box (living is AS1128).

But, there is no peering between AS1128 and AS286 at the moment. The
box in AS1128 gets the next hop from AS1755. This means it can be a
"recursive" process (not the correct name for it but what I mean is
that you cannot stop at 1 iteration).

Shouldn't line 4 of the above output be like this:

 4 AS 286  Amsterdam.NL.EU.net          [?NH 1128 1755]



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