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Re: prcheck - cisco as-path lists generation

  • To: (Damir Pobric)
  • From: Tony Bates < >
  • Date: Wed, 05 Jan 1994 13:52:10 +0100

 damir@localhost (Damir Pobric) writes:

  * The correct line should be:
  * ip as-path access-list 1 permit ^$
  * i.e permit all local networks.
  * Regards,
  * Damir  

Yes you are right. Thanks, I have fixed this. This also gives me a
good opportunity to send an update. A release containing the following
fixes in now available. 

	o prcheck - nasty bug in the level 6 test. 

	o prcheck - Local AS information depicted wrongly in as-path

	o prtraceroute - parsepolicy added into prtraceroute. 

This can be retrieved from as


or alternatively you can just pick up individual tools in that
directory if preferred.

You will also noticed the pride directory has been slightly

			--Tony Bates

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