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New at the RIPE NCC: Geert Jan de Groot

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  • Date: Mon, 03 Jan 1994 12:59:52 +0100
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First, a successful 1994 from all of us at the RIPE NCC!

As of today our staffing has changed.  Marten Terpstra has joined 
Tony Bates on the PRIDE project full time and will help Tony to achieve 
the ambitious goals of PRIDE during the coming months. 

Marten's work at the NCC will be taken up by Geert Jan de Groot who
joins us today.  Geert Jan comes to us from Philips where he has
supported various development projects by providing an excellent
computing and communications infrastructure.  He is a HAM, a qualified
SUN field service engineer and an experienced system administrator. 
Some of you may have met him during the RIPE technical days where he
helped us to show you IP over ISDN. 

Geert Jan will join Anne Lord and myself in providing the NCC's core
services from today.  I ask all of you to welcome Geert Jan and to help
him get used to his new responsibilities quickly. 

The PRIDE and NCC staff work as one team.  So it is quite possible that
you might deal with Marten or Tony on NCC matters occasionally see 
Geert Jan or Anne involved in PRIDE activities. 


Daniel Karrenberg 
RIPE NCC & PRIDE Project Manager

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