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Re: Announcing PRIDE TOOLS 1

  > emv@localhost writes:
  > I have done a few traces of routes across the US, and
  > have noted that there is little or no information available
  > through the tools.  I believe that there is a complete
  > set of network number to AS information available
  > through the Merit "prdb" policy routing database;
  > are you aware of any servers running the RIPE code
  > that include that data?

The current Merit prdb database is what you might call "nsfnet centric".
It records policy between ASes and NSFnet.  This is no shortcoming per
se, because it was designed to do just that.  While the information in
the prdb is a big part of what is needed to make those tools work it is
not enough. 

The RIPE routing registry registers routing policy for the peer
exchanges between all ASes.  The tools need all that information to work
properly.  There are efforts underway outside Europe to collect similar
information and provide registry services.  We are working with Merit
and others to ensure that these registries are compatible enough to
enable the PRIDE tools to make use of them. 

In the meantime we are happy to register any routing policy information
in RIPE-81 format.  Our database has the ability to keep different sets
of information separate while giving access to all of them.  Andrew
Partan of Alternet for example has registered a lot of information about
Alternet networks which is available to the tools. 



traceroute with AS and policy additions [Dec 17 20:06:09 UTC] 

		from AS1104 reif.ripe.net (
		to   AS 701 ftp.uu.net (

 1 AS1104  hef-router.nikhef.nl           (     [I] 5 4 2 ms
 2 AS1755  Amsterdam-EBS1.Ebone.NET       (      [D1] 6 10 5 ms
 3 AS1755  Cern-EBS1.Ebone.NET            (   [I] 43 26 22 ms
 4 AS1133  cern-ebs2.Ebone.NET            (   [E1] 281 34 22 ms
 5 AS ???                   (     [?] 110 109 121 ms
 6 AS ???                                                    [?] 
 7 AS ???                                                    [?] 
 8 AS ???                                                    [?] 
 9 AS ???                                                    [?] 
10 AS1133  rs6k-us.ans.net                (   [?] 190 !H ms

AS Path followed:  1104 1755 1133 ??? 1133

AS1133 = CERN T1

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