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Getting PI ips!

  • From:
  • Date: 19 Aug 2003 10:46:24 EDT

Dear  Sir/Madam
RIPE  NCC IPV4  Registration  Staff
I contact  from  ir.irost  LIR.
One of our  customer have requested  the 8  classes  of  IPV4  with  PI
assignnment  status.I studied  all  related  documents about  this
status kind and  would  like to know  if  any  payment need ,how  many
and  how to  pay it?(to  whome   how ?)
Also  some  imposibilities  for this kind  of  staus  are  availble,Our
customer  intrest to  use  Digital libraries  and      database and
announce  to  other  service  providers
 for  research  center,weather  they  accross  with  any  problem?how
the  proceeds  of  getting  this kind  of  IPs from  RIPE NCC?do  you
advice  to  use  this  kind  of  status.
Please  lead  us.


Thanks  a  lot  with the  best  regards.

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