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RE: [ncc-moscow04] Russian documents update

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  • From: Jochem de Ruig jochem@localhost
  • Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2005 10:39:43 +0100

Dear Alexander,

Due to a holiday from my side I have not been able to get back to you before.

We will not include an invoice for registries that have already received a yearly invoice. Only registries that pay quarterly or half-yearly will receive with the
new documents an invoice. In case by mistake this does happen please ignore
the invoice and inform us that the invoice has been send by mistake.

If you do require additional documents do contact us at billing@localhost.

Kind regards,

Jochem de Ruig
Chief Financial Officer

At 11:17 PM 1/12/2005 +0500, a.koryukov@localhost wrote:
Hello Jochem,

As you start sending the new documents, we face a problem of double payment. We have already receive a annual (semi-annual or first quarter) invoice sent in accordance with the RIPE documents "RIPE NCC Charging scheme 2005" and "RIPE NCC Billing Procedure and Fee Schedule 2005" from November, 2004. And now according to a new scheme you ask to pay the some ("The invoice will be for the first quarter of 2005") we have already paid or are to pay the received invoice (fine included judging by the date).

Please advise.

Alexander Koryukov
Principal Engineer of IP Technology Group

Foratec Communication
Address: Blyuhera Str. 50, Yekaterinburg, 620137, Russia
Tel.: +7 (343) 372-86-40, 372-85-20 ext. 385
Fax: +7 (343) 372-85-23
E-mail: a.koryukov@localhost

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] On Behalf Of Jochem de Ruig > Sent: Thursday, January 06, 2005 10:16 PM > > Subject: [ncc-moscow04] Russian documents update > > Dear all, > > Following from the proposal made in November and discussed in December > RIPE NCC is currently preparing the following documents to be > send to you: > - A translation of the Standard Service Agreement > - A translation of the Terms and Conditions > - An invoice template > - An additional Service Agreement related to the invoice > - An additional Act of Acceptance related to the invoice > > These documents are expected to be send out to you in week 4 > or 5 (end of > January) > by registered mail. Accompanied will be a letter with > instructions what > document > has to be returned to the RIPE NCC. > > The invoice will be for the first quarter of 2005. For this > invoice the > same payment > terms and conditions as described in the RIPE NCC Billing > Procedure and Fee > Schedule 2005 > will apply. See also > The invoice for the second quarter 2005 will follow in February. > > Kind regards, > > > > Jochem de Ruig > Chief Financial Officer > RIPE NCC > >