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[ncc-moscow04] RIPE NCC Russian draft documents

  • From: Jochem de Ruig jochem@localhost
  • Date: Thu, 02 Dec 2004 11:06:49 +0100

Dear colleagues,

Following from the RIPE NCC proposal on 9 November we prepared the following documents:
- A translation of the Standard Service Agreement
- A translation of the Terms and Conditions
- An invoice template
- An additional Service Agreement related to the invoice
- An additional Act of Acceptance related to the invoice

The documents can be found at:

One additional comment: our proposal is to keep the service description simple and generic
by stating "provision of Internet Resources". This is contrary to suggestions
to specify the resources per category (IPv4, IPv6 and AS numbers).

Please let us know what your view is regarding the documents. We need to start preparations for the initial quarterly invoices for 2005 and for the re-signing of the RIPE NCC Standard Service

Kind regards,

Jochem de Ruig
Chief Financial Officer