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Re: [ncc-moscow04] RIPE NCC update

  • To: "Larisa A. Yurkina" ula@localhost
  • From: Jochem de Ruig jochem@localhost
  • Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2004 17:06:48 +0200

Hi All,

That is good news regarding the local Russian Account. I will keep you
posted whether it will be possible and on the progress there.

In addition I wanted to mention 2 things. First of all I wanted to clarify that
we in the new Standard Service Agreement and the New Terms and Conditions
only refer to Service fee and not to a membership fee as I understood that
these fees (expenses) are treated differently under Russian tax law.

Secondly I have asked the legal, tax advisor to subscribe to the list and
although he is Dutch he also speaks Russian so he will be able to take all
your comments into account.

Kind regards,

Jochem de Ruig
Chief Financial Officer

At 08:25 PM 9/16/2004 +0400, Larisa A. Yurkina wrote:
On Thu, 16 Sep 2004, Jochem de Ruig wrote:

Hi Jochem,

> Dear all,
> It is good to see that you are discussing the Standard Service Agreement.
> Hereby I would like to give you all an update on the progress the RIPE NCC
> has made since the meeting in Moscow.
> - RIPE NCC is actively working together with a legal and fiscal Russian expert > on a method for Russian and Ukrainian LIRs to be able to sign the new Standard > Service Agreement. As soon as I have more information regarding this or a draft
> document it will be send to this mailing list for your comments. The input
> that already
> has been provided will also be analysed by this expert. If you have any
> additional input
> please let me know.

of course we will if we have any.
A lot of questions to be clarified to reconcile the RIPE NCC Service agreement
with Russian Federation Tax code in it's foreign currency part and other rules
and regulations.
Not because the agreement is new but because the problem is old :)

> - The preparations for 2005 are already in full swing and the draft
> Charging Scheme
> document for 2005 is up. This document will be discussed at the General
> Meeting in
> September and voted upon in this meeting.
> See
> - In addition RIPE NCC is actively pursuing methods to simplify the payment
> process to
> the RIPE NCC for Russian LIRs. One possibility will be to have a Russian
> bank account
> so that you can make local Russian payments instead of international
> payments.

My chief accountant's opnion: very good idea.
Everything is clear and easy if we pay RIPE NCC invoices in national currency.
No problems with Agreement at all.

> method we are looking into is to make the Credit Card payments more direct
> and easier
> for the LIRs. Soon after the General Meeting I will be able to give an
> update on the changes
> and improvements for this service in 2005. Again, please provide any
> comments regarding
> the points above or any additional suggestions to make the payment process
> easier.

I'm afraid, this is not the right way to go.
We don't make Credit Card payments not because they are not direct or not easy
at the moment, but because we don't use them at all, for any payments from
organisation. It's impossible to provide report on funds spent
according to accepted form, to tax officials, if you pay with Credit Card.
In other words, Credit Card payments do not correspond with the accounting system
we have currently in Russia.

I wonder if there is somebody thinking otherwise?

> Kind regards,
> Jochem de Ruig
> Chief Financial Officer

Thank you for your information and support.

With respect,
Larisa Yurkina
RIPN Registry center