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Re: [ncc-dubai03] RIPE NCC Regional Meeting Dubai - Follow-up

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  • Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2003 19:12:23 +0400

Dear Paul,

Thank you for this new mailing list which Im sure it will encourage people
from the region to particiapte in discussing all important issues. We thank
RIPE NCC for conducting this meeting in our region and and thank you in
person for your efforts.

We hope that this relation between our region and RIPE NCC to get improved
over the days.

Best Regards,

Sultan Al Shamsi

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From: "Paul Rendek" [email protected]
Sent: Tuesday, December 16, 2003 8:19 PM
Subject: [ncc-dubai03] RIPE NCC Regional Meeting Dubai - Follow-up

> Dear Colleagues,
> We would like to thank everyone involved in the RIPE NCC
> Regional Meeting in Dubai. The event was very successful
> and feedback from attendees has been positive. The meeting
> has given us a much clearer impression of the IP networking
> issues specific to our members in the Middle East region.
> The following mailing list has been set up to help continue the
> discussions started at the regional meeting in Dubai:
> [email protected]
> The purpose of the mailing list is to:
> - Encourage further discussion of IP networking issues specific
> to the Middle East region;
> - Provide a forum capable of gathering the input of Local Internet
> Registries (LIRs), Network Operators and governments from the
> area for future meetings on Internet resource administration in the
> Middle East;
> - Discuss the possibility of forming a Middle Eastern Operators
> Forum or similar group. (Information on the European Operators
> Forum, can be found at: ).
> All attendees from the RIPE NCC Regional Meeting, Dubai, have
> automatically been subscribed to the mailing list. To un-subscribe
> please use the following link:
> The above link can also be used to subscribe to the mailing list.
> Please forward this link to any colleagues who would be interested
> in the topics covered in the list.
> We expect the lifetime of the mailing list to be approximately six
> months, after which time it will be closed. The mailing list will be
> publicly archived and will be available at:
> We would like to thank Etisalat, Dubai Internet City and FLAG
> Telecom whose sponsorship and support made the meeting so
> successful.
> We are also very grateful to all those who made presentations at
> the meeting. These presentations can be found at:
> We would like to thank the attendees of this RIPE NCC Regional
> Meeting. The participation of so many attendees from such diverse
> locations throughout the area made the meeting all the more successful.
> It demonstrates that there are a range of issues relevant to IP Networking
> in the Middle East that need discussion and that meetings such as this
> are an important part of this progress. If approached, the RIPE NCC would
> be happy to participate and give support to future events of this kind.
> We are interested in receiving further feedback from attendees of the
> RIPE NCC Regional Meeting in Dubai. If you have any comments on the
> presentations, tutorials or organisation of the meeting, or if you would
> to make any other suggestions, please contact us at:
> [email protected]
> Kind regards,
> Paul Rendek
> Head of Member Services & Communications