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RIPE NCC Contributors meeting cancelled

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  • From: (Karel Vietsch)
  • Date: Wed, 7 May 1997 17:35:30 +0100
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Dear RIPE NCC Contributors,

Earlier I wrote to you:

>RIPE NCC Contributors may wish to discuss the plans from ripe-156 not only
>electronically but also in a face-to-face meeting. Therefore TERENA's
>Vice-President for Services and Chairman of the RIPE NCC Contributors
>Committee, Steve Druck invites you to a meeting of the RIPE NCC
>Contributors to discuss these plans. The idea is to have an opportunity to
>have a presentation of the plans thus far, and an exchange of views on the
>matter; decision taking will not be part of the meeting.
>The meeting will take place on Wednesday morning 14 May 1997, 1030-1230
>hours, in the Edinburgh International Conference Centre, The Exchange,
>Morrison Street, Edinburgh EH3 8EE, Scotland (room will be announced on
>the notice board in the conference centre).

I have to inform you now that only 5 (FIVE) RIPE NCC Contributors replied
before the deadline (i.e. last night) that they would be interested to
attend this meeting. Moreover, all five of them are members of the TERENA
General Assembly, which will discuss this same subject on 15-16 May 1997.

*** Therefore it has been decided to CANCEL the proposed meeting of the
RIPE NCC Contributors on 14 May ***

We hope for a fruitful continuation of the discussion among the RIPE NCC
Contributors by electronic means.

Best regards,

Karel Vietsch
TERENA Secretary General

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