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New Document available: ripe-147

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  • Date: Fri, 18 Oct 1996 14:35:23 +0200
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New/Revised RIPE Document Announcement
A revised/new document is available from the RIPE document store. 

Ref:           ripe-147
Title:         European Autonomous System Number Application Form and Supporting Notes
Author:        P. Caslav, M. Kuehne 
Date:          18 Oct 1996
Format:        PS=89809 TXT=15040
Obsoletes:     ripe-109
Obsoleted by:
Updates:       ripe-109
Updated by:
See also:      ripe-181, ripe-140

Short content description

A new document, ripe-147, is now available in the RIPE document
store. This document contains the Autonomous System Number form. The
same document also contains supporting notes with step by step
instructions on filling out the form. The document is an updated
version of the ripe-109 form. The main change is that a multihomed
routing policy is now required before an AS number can be assigned,
and the "mnt-by:" attribute is mandatory.

MIME Mail Reader
The following message body parts contain the data which will 
enable a MIME compliant Mail reader implementation to 
automatically retrieve the RIPE document by FTP or mail server.

FTP Access
All RIPE documents and Internet RFC`s are available via anonymous FTP
from host  Type "ftp". 

Login with username "anonymous" supplying your email address as the 
password.  After logging in, type "cd ripe/docs/" followed 
by the command "get filename". 

The relevant filenames for this document are:

	ripe-147.txt	for the ASCII version	for the PostScript version

Electronic Mail Retrieval of Documents
Documents can also be retrieved from the RIPE document store using a
mail server program.  For more information on how to use the program,
send email to: mail-server@localhost with "send HELP" in the body text. 

RIPE NCC Interactive Information Server
Type "telnet".  This is a menu driven service allows
the document store to be browsed.  After reading documents you are
prompted as to whether you would like to receive an email copy of the
document you have just read.  If you would, you simply enter your email
address and the document will be mailed to you. 

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