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Re: Meeting, Charging & Documents

>         Just one point to take into account if model 3 is chosen. The
> charges for address space (carried out per quarter) will be minimum in most
> of cases (most of contributors are of category small and they have small
> address space allocated), compared with the fixed (subscription) charge.

I'm surprised that obviously the most like model 1. If you calculate
the total amount you have to pay with model 3 you will see,
that model 3 is cheaper than 1 if you have three new /16's or less.

Is it possible that the most of the big LIR's holding much space put
themselves in the "small" category and now want to continue in this
"cheap" way?

It would be interesting how much small, medium and large LIR's there 
are and how much ip space they hold! Daniel, do you have any 
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