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Re: Meeting, Charging & Documents

  • To: Peter Villemoes < >
  • From: Daniel Karrenberg < >
  • Date: Mon, 09 Sep 1996 12:46:36 +0200
  • Cc: NCC Contributors < >

  > Peter Villemoes <Peter.Villemoes@localhost writes:
  > Finally, I think it is a waste of money to plan for tax payments in 1997 of
  > 443 KECU, and I would propose that RIPE NCC seeks professional advice on 
  > other ways of solving the problems the proposed reserves were meant to 
  > handle.


thank you for your input.  The planning is based on the best advice
currently available.  We will indeed investigate more thoroughly how the
economic stability of the NCC can be guaranteed with special attention
to taxes and the level of reserves.  However, we have to budget on
present information and not on future economies we only hope for 
at present. In other words: The budget is what we know will work and
we will strive to make it work out better of course.


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