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Re: Waiving of Fees for


How easy (or difficult) is it to have requests from registries whose
fee have been waved for a starting period, be put at the end of the
queue of "paying" registries, but before the "non-paying" registries.
I am not saying that this is a solution, but perhaps it is a way to
help "the special cases" without endangering the service for
the contributing providers ????

Daniel Karrenberg wrote :

> We have three possibilities:

> 1) Continue evaluation of requests individually by the committee, i.e. 
>    asking all contributors whether they are willing to subsidise each case.
but perhaps we can formalise some limits, such as "never longer than 6 months"
or instead of "fee waving" give the opportunity to pay the fee after 6 months
(this gives starting providers the possibility to get first some income, but
they still pay their fee)

> Daniel

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