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Re: Documents for September 1st Meeting

Dear all,

I would appreciate your views on the following:

1.	I have had requests for primary name server support, and domain 
registrations from organisations & people not residing in Cyprus and 
using names that are well known e.g. adidas. Problem, is there is no contact 
person locally, and I I do not know whether I would be violating any copy 
right laws if I proceed.

2.	Along the same lines as RIPE, we are proceeding with a priority 
and normal offer of services. Those who subscribe to the priority service 
get their applications and requests processed immediately, those who 
do not get normal service.The issue of IP addresses, registrations and so 
on are provided free, (along the same lines as RIPE), but the requesting 
source is asked to subscribe if they want their application processed in 
priority mode.


|	Dr Agathoclis Stylianou	Fax : (02)-476082 or 366198	   |
|	Director		Tel : (02)-366186   		   |
|	Computer Centre		e-mail : agatho@localhost  |
|	University of Cyprus					   |
|	POBox 537						   |
|	Nicosia							   |
|	CYPRUS							   |

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