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Re: Last Resort Registries

>    > bonito@localhost (Antonio_Blasco Bonito) writes:
>    >
>    > Unfortunately there are still cases of ISPs not providing registry
>    > services for their customers.  For example US providers selling
>    > connectivity in Europe do not provide IP addresses. As far as I know
>    > they do not want to be part of the European Regional IR.
>  I do not know of *any* significant cases of this.
>  The issue which regional IR a provider gets allocations from
>  is not relevant in this discussion.

I think it *is* relevant: we are talking about CIDR aggregatable addresses.
Some US providers do not want to provide addresses to customers in Europe
from their own address space to save the possibility of continental
aggregation. This is a point which needs to be clarified at least to
correctly define the role of Regional registries.

>    > I think this document
>    > should have worldwide applicability and be published as an RFC.
>  Do not agree. For European Last-Resort registries a RIPE document is
>  sufficient.

That's not sufficient, I guess. We could start with a RIPE document but
I'm convinced the issue is *not* restricted to Europe.

RIPE-181 became an RFC for the same reason. Am I right?
>    > Local IRs need such a reference when they have to answer to strange
>    > address assignment requests eventually coming from network managers
>    > or small providers located in dispersed sites around the world.
>  Yep.
>  Daniel
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