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Re: Last Resort Registries

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  • From: Bjorn Eriksen < >
  • Date: Thu, 20 Jul 1995 19:59:37 +0200
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    >> and where RFC 1597 might be a problem, as there is no coordination who
    >> has picked something from RFC 1597 (perhaps a new task for last-resorts
    >> to coordination the national use of RFC 1597), then it does happen that
    >HELP!  So we suddenly make -private- address space semi-public, then
    >we might just as well start allocating the current address space a second

Perhaps you don't have big companies in Switzerland, whatever do I know
about Switzerland. But there are cases when Big Company connect to a
small outside company, providing something special and as Small Company
don't connect to Internet they must use RFC 1597 and eventually
Small-2 has been told the same story and use the same first numbers
from RFC 1597, but when Big Company want to have a link to Small-2
as well, this becomes a problem.

Simon, you don't seem to understand the real problem. Coordination
has to be done on every possible level. Personally I don't care
whatsoever about those that we force to use private address space,
but they will eventually run into problems, so beeing last-resort
we ouht to take our responsibilty and coordinate thing that are
currently in a mess.


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